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The Ultimate Thermos Test: You’ve Never Heard of the Winner

The Ultimate Thermos Test: You’ve Never Heard of the Winner

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Communicating Across Platforms and Devices
Useful Links: Chapter 5 of Content Strategy for Mobile (Buy the whole book, I recommend it) Copyhackers: How to Write for the App Store Read more – ‘Communicating Across Platforms and Devices’.
Polar Battery Vortex
Share this graphic: Tweet If you’ve noticed your device batteries taking a nosedive these past several weeks and you live in the Northeast or Midwest of the United States, you aren’t alone. Modern mobile electronic gizmos are powered by lithium-based batteries that don’t like the cold any more than you do. Lithium-based batteries become far […] Read more – ‘Polar Battery Vortex’.
Here’s What Facebook Graph Search Looks Like
Several folks have written posts about Facebook’s recently launched Graph Search function that is slowly trickling out to users. Some have even done a really intelligent job of it. I wont try and best Mr. Battelle here–I make it a point never to argue with people who are smart and correct a the same time. […] Read more – ‘Here’s What Facebook Graph Search Looks Like’.

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