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What’s Next for Journalists? Hear Me Guess @ NextUp NYC

I’ll be on a panel Tuesday, Feb. 8th at 6:30pm (EST) talking about what journalists need to know today and tomorrow to remain useful, relevant and employed.

I’d bet we’ll also talk about media companies and people doing things right, and how to train for whats next.

I’ll be joining Jay Rosen of NYU, Vadim Lavrusik of Mashable, Jenna Wortham of the NYT tech section and Laurie Segall, a reporter at CNN. A pretty decent cast of characters for this subject, actually.

Why should you believe us? I’m not certain you should, but here are the perspectives you will get:

Jay Rosen is a professor of journalism at NYU. He recently started an experimental program there called Studio 20, where he is attempting to cross pollinate journalists with developers. Jury is still out on his strategy, but it is an incredible effort. He’s also one of twitter’s loudest pundits about journalism.

Vadim Lavrusik is Mashable’scommunity manager, and also has excellent journalism chops. He and I represent the “recently exited j-school and entered the workforce” crowd. This is Mashable’s party, so he’ll be moderating.

Jenna Wortham is one of the New York-based technology reporters at the NYT. She focuses a lot on consumer tech and apps, as well as start ups. She’s in her twenties, sassy, and something of a taste-maker, with a great deal of social-media relevance. I’m hoping she focuses on what skills and tech she brings to covering her beat, and how the demands of her current gig differ from her past life at Wired.

Laurie Segall is an unknown for me. She seems to be young, and her coverage of “Money and Technology” tells me she is dispatched to cover things that call for a young/female/techish voice. I’ll be listening closely to what she has to say, as I don’t know her well.

Me. I’ll be winging it, as usual. I recently graduated from Stanford’s journalism masters program, and did a stint at The New York Times before taking a permenant position at D: all things Digital. My title is Associate Editor, but that means I have developed and am implementing out social media and metrics strategy, as well as working on new multimedia products. I also cover early stage start-ups and emerging technologies in the weekly “Early Adopter” column.

I also consult and teach at Stanford in their journalism program. I focus mostly on digital journalism, practical techniques and tools, and distribution platforms. I also consult heavily on the Stanford’s flagship media program, Digital Media Entrepreneurship, which is 50% class, 50% incubator, with a side of VC, Angel and media execs. Its full of students and professionals from the journalism program, the graduate school of business, the CS department and some Silicon Valley orgs that lend a specific hand when needed.

As for topics to be covered, the materials are vague, but I’d imagine thats because Vadim and co are figuring out what we are going to be talking about. I’ll update this post if I hear more on that. If you have thoughts, feel free to tweet at me (@withdrake).

I’ve posted the official promo language below, along with where you can go to get tickets.

Oh yeah, and the whole thing benefits the Y, so buy two. And rumor has it there may be an open bar.

200 Hudson Street | | 212.601.1000
Tue, Feb 8, 6:30 pm, $15

Mashable’s fifth NextUp NYC focuses on the skills that news organizations will demand and the tools journalists will need to be successful as they redefine the way they report, produce and distribute their content. The night will consist of networking and a conversation and Q & A with Vadim Lavrusik, Community Manager & Social Media Strategist at Mashable; Jay Rosen, a journalism professor at New York University and blogger at; Jenna Wortham, Technology Reporter for The New York Times; Drake Martinet, Associate Editor of D: All Things Digital/The Wall Street Journal Digital; and Laurie Segall, Money & Technology Reporter at CNN. Part of Social Media Week New York.

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