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Live Blog: NewTeeVeeLive

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Thursday’s NewTeeVee Live conference at S.F.’s Mission Bay Center is aimed at foretelling, and maybe saving, the future of TV.

The prognosticators have, for years, put TV in line somewhere behind Newspapers in the lemming-like march to the cliffs of new media. Players like Adobe, Cisco, Ooyala and Comcast are all in the room talking about turning that herd.

I’ll be live blogging from several of the sessions today, Starting with the 1:30 session with Kevin Lynch, the CTO of Adobe Systems

Live with Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe Systems

1:44- Lynch says Adobe’s purchase of Omniture has more to do with their high resolution metrics for flash video.

1:49- Lynch, ” [on Apple] We are partnering with 19 of the 20 top OEM’s for Smartphones. We are eager to work with that other once they get themselves to that place.”

Om Malik now on stage interviewing Quincy Smith currently of CBS interactive… though he will be leaving at the end of the year.

1:52- Smith, “3 [free] minutes of Beyonce online may ruin the album sales, but 3 minutes of CSI might be the best thing for it.”

1:57- Smith- Torrents are everywhere and slick. Everyone knows where the world is going, the question is how to get there? I wonder why TV companies arent adopting torrent protocols?

1:58- Om asks about why Smith hates on Google, Smith bobs and weaves, changes the subject. Mentions that Apple is cool too.

2.00- Om, “Wait, are you saying that Hulu takes traffic away from other network sites and the ‘big screen’.” Smith to Om, “Are you feeling empowered in that chair?” Smith continues, “You could argue that [views on Hulu] take hits away from the main web site.” I think to myself… uh, yeah. I’m not gonna watch John Stewart on Hulu, THEN go to for the same content.

2:07- People who use “discovery” engines [for music] are more passionate consumers of music, says Quincy Smith.

2:08- Smith claims he may go back to being an investment banker… not sure why certain young VCs don’t like the “banker” moniker. Om reminds him what sort of rep. Wall Street has at the moment. Smith doesn’t flinch.

I’ll be heading off in a miunute to do an interview for an upcoming Almost Famous column at AllthingsD. Head over to NewTeeVeeLive to see the livestream of Micheal Gregory of Auto-Tune the News.

Back up and live at NewTeeVee with Randi Zuckerberg, Dir. of Marketing for Facebook and Andy Mitchell, VP of Marketing for CNN.

4:03- I was given 3D glasses on the way in… and now Andy is talking about partnering with Facebook at the Obama inaugural.

4:06- First Facebook attempts with CNN flopped, there were tech issues associated with the connection during the debates.

4:10- CNN had 20 million streams on inauguration day, despite the fact that the inauguration video feed was for the pool. Randi says its because Facebook made is social.

4:16- (Inside my head)… There is a major difference between listening to the geeks and doers talk about innovation vs. the marketing team.

4:18- Randi says Facebook is working to add geographic data to user’s updates.

4:20- CNN’s Mitchell says they will be creating an event around news topics. Me: Is CNN making the news? Sure sounds like the CNN is in the “News Business” and not in the Journalism field. Does their news business get in the way of their Journalism?

4:22- Randi and Andy leave the stage.

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