Changing Channels – New City, New Challenge

by Drake. Average Reading Time: almost 2 minutes.

I’ve got a new gig. Starting the end of this month, I’m joining a stellar team to build a startup out of Lerer Ventures.

The new company will be run by Ken Lerer and Eric Hippeau of Huffington Post fame. I’ll be the social editor, tasked with helping grow an operation with social at its very core.

The details I can share are few, but I’m psyched to be part of this team so very early on. I’m looking forward to working with Ken and Eric—clearly among the brightest in the constellation of media minds.

I joined AllThingsD in 2009 to build a social strategy, write about early stage startups and dream up new products. I’m very gratified with what we’ve achieved, and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it.

After covering early startups and getting my feet wet with building products, this new opportunity to combine my compulsion to build new things, with journalism and social media is an ideal next step.

These past few years I’ve watched from my catbird seat as our information world has been re-landscaped by Pads, Pods and novel web technologies. But, even as I continue to marvel at what apps hath wrought, I believe in the enduring value of communication, explanation, accuracy—and that the future of content has individual context at its center.

I’ll miss working with all my ATD colleagues. But I’ll see you on the internet. And no one can really ever run or hide from the all-seeing scoop-machine that is Kara.

The new job is based in NYC so Stacy and I will be moving back to the city where we first met, within the next few weeks.

I know there is no shortage of people in NYC who are thrilled, especially many of Stacy’s friends and her team at Mashable, who are very glad to have her back at the NYC HQ.

Leaving the Bay Area is not easy. San Francisco has become home to Stacy and I, anchored by a growing number of incredible friends. Luckily, I’ll be back often, as I’ll again be teaching at Stanford this winter.

Thanks to my community, offline and on, who have always been supportive on this journey.

Once more into the breach…