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Playing With Live Ammo-I Just Added a Feature to Wikipedia

At a recent meeting of the Product Design Guild, a shadowy organization of designers and developers in Silicon Valley (for which I’m the journalist-in-residence), I made a change to Wikipedia, but not as an Editor.

I was talking about making Wikipedia more accessible, and spreading the act of editing the web’s biggest knowledge repository to the larger web. It is a problem that contributes to the falloff of editors that Wikipedia is experiencing. \

I asked a simple question.

Can I currently share a fed of my edits to Wikipedia, and autopublish them to another source, via RSS or via an API call.

The answer I got was, no… not right now.

But, I was just congratulated on having made a real change to the way wikipedia works across the entire world. Now, or, rather, a week from now, all wikipedia editors will be able to use an RSS feed of their edits, to share them with the world.

Did you change spelling? Do you frequently author articles on Latin American History? Now you can share them automatically. I’m gonna plug mine into Tumblr or Posterous.