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What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

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For Redwood City parents coping with 5-year-old’s chronic disease, normal life is the greatest gift

svpimagefooter1 Five-year-old Chase Coughlin is hanging upside down giggling uncontrollably as his papa, John, carries him down the hall by his ankles. Chase begged his dad to carry him this way.

But, as John approaches the dark steps down to his bedroom, Chase stops laughing and begins to whimper, “No… No… NO… NO!”
Chase is afraid of the dark.

John, a six-foot-plus, broad-shouldered ice hockey goalie, brings his blue-eyed son’s face close to his own. Chase’s shirt falls back into place, covering the 10-inch scar running down the center of his chest. His “zipper.”

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