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Digital Journalism: The Project Proposal


Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, email, digg, delicious….. Today the personal sharing options are endless. Using enough of thes services in concert most certainly connects you with more people than many “broadcasters” who have to be licensed by the FCC. That is it say, its powerful stuff.

So, in response to the prompt by Prof. Rheingold, I’m posting the following project proposal.

I’d like to build a functional mock-up of what I’ll call the “social media organ.” This would be a wordpress plugin that would allow a single editor to take control over a complex social media campaign, and pre-plan actions to happen when something is posted. These actions could include tweeting across multiple accounts, sending notifications (DMs or internal wordpress notices) to others whose twitter accounts you dont own but are part of your social media team.

My dear friend Miran has agreed to join the team and lend some expertise. If you;ve got some specific skills in the area, I would lve to hear about them, and maybe we can add you to our roster.

– Looks like the team for phase one of “Operation Pop Rocks” will be myself, Miran Pavic and Ms. Marie Baca. First order of business, find a better code name.

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  1. I love it! If it's just the two of you, that's OK — you can really zoom. But if you can recruit one or two others, perhaps you can find an effective division of labor that can make this even better. Please start a wiki page where you can document the project on the wiki page(s) and document your collaboration process via the comment thread(s)

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