To my friends at MoMA

Greetings! If you’ve found this page, there’s a good chance someone passed you the link, so welcome. If you’ve arrived here in error, maybe you’d be interested in this lovely analysis of insulated drink cups I wrote up recently.

Oh good, you’re still here.

I’ve taken the liberty of collecting a few pieces of media you might find useful in reviewing my application. They are listed below. Please don’t hesitate to email me should you have any questions. My email is listed in the resume below.

EDMResume Download a PDF copy here.

Thats the play-by-play. Here’s a little color commentary.

While an editor at AllThingsD, I had the privilege of working directly with the developers at Twitter who were tasked with building digital products that would make that medium more useful to the broader internet. The collaboration resulted in the “embedded tweet” a totally novel way to place a shared tweet inside another website…

That functionality has since been copied by every other social network and is a new patch in the working fabric of the web.

At NowThis News, I’ve led our teams to continually push the edges of the platforms we publish to—it’s been my goal to not just make excellent news video, but also redefine what people expect of their favorite social platforms.

We called the 2012 elections on Twitter by commissioning 51 separate pieces of art (coded in ASCII characters) from a Portland-based artist to share with our followers.

They went something like this…screen-shot-2012-11-07-at-10-55-15-am

A few months ago we pushed the bounds of Instagram as a platform by creating and releasing the world’s first “Instagrpahic” – a graphical story told via motion elements build exclusively for the canvas of Instagram. Here’s my favorite example from that series.

Outside of my day job I design motorcycle livery, cook for my wife, and am active in the hardware hacking community. Several years ago I open-sourced a design for a digital-analog solar backpack that has since become the blueprint for several commercial products.

Though my work is varied, there is a common thread. I seek to connect users with digital experiences that surprise, delight and above all, cause them to think about their world in a novel way. In an age of digital super-satuarion, causing an audience to really stop and think is an incredible success.

Thank you for spending this time with me—I’m looking forward to more.

Drake Martinet

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