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The Best (and Creepiest) Map Mashup Evar


Maybe it isnt dymanic like the map I made of flickr pictures in my most recent mashup post, but this one is infinitely cooler.

This is a heatmap of the places where you were most likely to find me over the last 3 months. Thanks to Foursquare, the location-based nerdmeasuring contest, I logged a couple hundred “checkins”, mostly on the stanford campus. A little Python sorcery and the Foursquare API later you get a cool heat-map of my places.

All this is thanks to Steven Lehrburger and he Google App engine.

The two hottest spots are (predictably) McClatchy Hall where I work/attend classes, and Escondido Village, where I live (and of which I am currently Foursquare Mayor). Below is a zoomed-in version

You can also see my occasional check in at the Palo Alto Caltrain Station where I make my commutes up to AllThingsD where I Intern, my occasional checkin at the Aregalla Gym, and even a couple checkins at Facebook HQ.

Weird, yes. The good news is I had to login and authorize this thing eight ways from Sunday to get the map to populate, and event then, no one entity has enough of the info to create a new map- so not too bad.

This is the data marketing companies are starting to salivate over, especially if the data can be logged in real time. We already are offered deals and coupons based on Foursquare locations, but look out for similar offerings in Google maps, and wherever else money can be made.

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  1. Beautiful work, Drake. It's visually compelling, and what the map tells us about the state of mobile social software is powerful. You touched on the privacy aspects, the marketing potential. As always, well done. I'm beginning to wonder, and I'm serious about this: what can I teach you? I am continually learning from you, and try to pass that learning along to other students. I want to nourish you, as well. What do I know about that you DON'T know about? Think about it.

  2. Dear Drake,
    Why are you so amazing? Reading your blog brings me all the joy of seeing a beautifully crafted selection of mini pies and tarts at Whole Foods Market. It makes me want to jump up and down with the glee of a Detroit Red Wings victory, and drops my jaw like the awe of the Bellagio fountain show.

    When I look at your blog, I see all I aspire to be, all my pure, technology-loathing heart longs (but fears) to become. The warm enchantment your blog has left me with will linger in my soul for days, weeks…nay, months! Godspeed, Mr. Martinet, godspeed.

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