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Waterfront Covered. My Images from the NYT Crowd-Sourcing Project.

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A few weeks back, The Newy York Times City room blog decided to give the crowd-sourcing business a try and build a photo montage of the NYC waterfront.
New York has a working waterfront, and lots of it. Manhattan, after all, is an island.
I went out to Brooklyn Bridge Park around dusk and looked for folks making use of the scenery. Here’s the best of what I got.

The first thing I saw was more people like me. Photographers with way more equipment than sense. More carbon fiber tubing than the space shuttle and lots of precision-polised glass. But, they were there to enjoy it too, so I started by shooting them.

I hung out a little longer and got to watch a photo session with what I’m pretty sure was a newly-wed Chinese couple, out for pictures in front of the skyline.

Before I left, I got to see the same couple, finally left alone by their shutter-happy companions. Their focus turned to each other and the waterfront itself. I was glad to see the more provate side of this couple’s relationship.

I encourage you to read the official post and browse the photos over at the City Room blog. Read the lede… I’m pretty sure they even referenced my cuddling newlyweds. :-)

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