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An Open letter to Animoto

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Hi Guys,

I recently reupped my all access pass for the first time in about a year. I had just created a video and the combo of you $3-$25 pricing strategy and the quality of the new video effects sealed the deal for me.

My only concern is that like MOST purchasers, I may have not read the fine print so well, or maybe the fact that I was agreeing to a recurring paypal payment was left out. I get that you want and need my money, and odds are, I would have given it to you freely in a year if you’d sent me a little reminder e-mail.

Setting up the auto-recurring payment without placing that tactic front and center is an old trick developed by Republican direct mail marketers in the ’80s. Is that really a crowd of tacticians you guys what to be lumped in with? I mean, its not like your stealing books from me in the night, but I’m a big fan of up front business.
You guys run a great service. I love it, as I have said many times before in my blog, to my friends and even on my old radio show. But c’mon. Take the high road. Don’t rely on the back-door recurring payment to get another $25 out of me.

Instead, a year from now, contact me personally, show me the new features you’ve added since I last used the service, and politely ask me if I’d like to re-up by just clicking a singe button. You can keep the payment details and make it that easy… and if it IS that easy, and you still supply the best service out there, I promise to give you more money.

The online video auto-creation field is getting more crowded guys- lets take the high road to profit town together.

Drake Martinet

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