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Twitter 101 for Journalists- Cheat Sheet

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Tweeting Guidelines

    1. Confirm you are tweeting from the correct account.

    2. Keep it to < 120 characters 3. Get others’ @usernames to mention in tweets. Ask for their “twitter name” or “twitter handle.” 4. Lead with the important info. 5. Finish with only one correct #hashtag 6. When tweeting from a shared account, finish the tweet with your initials, like this... ^DM (after the #hashtag.)


    1. The audience is different for each account.

    2. Add value by tweeting the fun bits that wont be covered elsewhere.

    3. If you make a factual mistake, just tweet again with a correction. (The twitterverse loves honesty)

    4. If you begin a tweet with an @username, only followers of you and that person will see it. To hit all your followers, instead tweet “.@username says….”

    5. Retain your own voice.


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