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Stanford BlogLuck ver1.- Teaching Tech

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lolcatsdotcomhqjbsna7fyj5zgwtStrap in!

On Sunday the 20th, the Graduate Program in Journalism Cohort at Stanford held the first installment of our “BlogLuck”. The goal of the program is to leverage the various expertises in the group into informative lessons and conversations to share amongst the group.

It’s our media sandbox, our technology training ground and our web development workshop. Today we covered basics of the modern web and basics of the WordPress CMS.

We invite anyone to join in, and this week that means taking a look at out annotated slides. In coming weeks we should be recording audio, video and the slide presentation to bring you a multi-media experience. We may also livestream the discussion, and allow online participation in coming weeks.

Click HERE of the PDF of the slides. You may have to zoom out to see them well.

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