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Covering the Waterfront: Shoot Photos for The New York Times

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UPDATE: Use THIS form to submit your photos to the City Room waterfront project (sometime Sunday, please). Also, you’ll find their blog post about the project here. Only minor changes.

Have a look at this interactive map of the city’s waterfront. Great for planning where you might like to shoot.

ORIGINAL POST: The weekend of July 31, The New York Times’ City Room blog is asking you to help them cover New York’s waterfront, in a crowd-sourced storytelling adventure.

Below you’ll find all the info needed to submit some images and descriptions. Some of the best will be featured at and likley in the print edition of the paper.

They don’t have a post with instructions about it up yet, so I’ve pasted most of the email sent out about the project here so everyone can join in the fun.

Cover the Waterfront
: A crowd-sourced photo project to run on City Room (the blog of The Times’ New York report, and in the Sunday Metropolitan section.

To get as many people as possible to submit as many pictures as possible from as many places as possible along New York City’s 578-mile coastline, thus showing how the waterfront is really used.


To seed the submissions, and help us guarantee range, by going to far-flung and well-selected spots along the waterfront to see what you can see.
And, to tell all your friends (Facebook and otherwise), followers (Twitter and otherwise), colleagues, contacts and people you see on the street to join in.
And, to write up beautiful (or haunting or funny or poetic or insightful or charming) vignettes from what you see to be posted on City Room next week to help keep the buzz going.


We’ve passed out lists of 32 interesting places selected by Andy. We’d love to get people to these places, because together they create a wide spectrum, geographically and otherwise. So if you’re game to take on one or more, you’ll have a chance to sign up during today’s meeting. If you’ve got other spots you know and love, or somewhere you’d like to explore, by all means, go there. You don’t have to tell us.


Anything, and everything. Surprising things. Iconic things. Strange things. But don’t be like my mother, and send in all 158 photos of the twins eating ice cream. Pick a handful from a place, and send those.

Besides photos, you’re looking for quotes, anecdotes, observations, interactions, moments that could turned into great vignettes — mini stories/blog posts/postcards. These should also be surprising, iconic, strange, telling. They should feature characters. They should have action, or decided inaction — check out Andy’s fun list of ING words for inspiration. They should, by all means, be brief — no more than a couple hundred words. Again, be rigorous — we cannot possibly use more than a couple from each of you.
Always note exactly where you are and what happens when.

Use the handy form just posted by the City Room blog. You’ll find it HERE.

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