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We’re Hiring a Social Producer

The stealthy video news startup I’m Social Editor at is seeking a full time social producer. What is a social producer you ask? Well, in addition to the job description below, I can tell you that you’ll work with an incredible team, have opportunity to grow, you’ll have the added bonus of spending nearly all of your waking hours with yours truly. Kidding, though we do spend a lot of time at work here.

If the below description sounds like you, shoot me an email with your resume, and an organized collection of your work product (social, video, written etc.), however you feel it is best organized. I’m mailable via drake at withdrake period com

Oh yeah, and if you feel so inclined, feel free to

Social Producer

We are a soon-to-be launched video news network for the mobile and social web, is looking for an Associate Producer to serve a central role redefining how news is produced for the ever-changing modern web. The job requires a hybrid of journalism, writing, social media, analytics and content management fluency.

The social producer will report to the social editor, and assist in all aspects of our social media operation. The social producer will help to generate story ideas, use social media to find perfect sources for video pieces, begin and manage user-conversations about our work, and close the loop between our users and our next video piece. As we produce pieces and try to build up our video franchises, the social producer will work with the social editor to design campaigns for publicity and distribution of our video content. Mastery of social platforms, extreme creativity and internet savvy are key, along with the willingness to put in the long hours needed to build an entirely new way of making and sharing video news.

The ideal candidate will have a knack for knowing just what part of a story is most topical, will evoke the right emotions, and should be highlighted on social media. They will have a 6th sense for the sorts of things that grow virally, and a talent for coming up with new and creative ways to share them. They will have a special interest in emerging technologies, networks and tools for social, and thinks creatively about how those tools could be used.

Responsibilities –

  • Assisting the social editor with all parts of our social media stack.
  • Using photoshop, and other media editing tools to produce socially shareable media, images and clips.
  • Assisting with coordination and organization of social content produced by the entire staff.
  • Shooting supplementary video and image content to be used for social promotion.
  • Identifying and organizing real-world events for our forward-facing personalities to speak/appear/host.
  • Identifying Facebook groups with large numbers of users as locations to seed our content.
  • Building maintaining a list of area-specific news contacts that might post our video pieces.
  • Working with the social editor to train the entire team in cultivation of their own social profiles.
  • Dedicating yourself to the most mundane, intensely interesting and occasionally outlandish tasks assigned to you with equal fervor.

Desired qualifications:

  • Experience writing engaging, socially relevant headlines and social copy.
  • Willingness to tirelessly search for social media crowds who would benefit from, support or strongly disagree with our stories, then convince them they should share them.
  • Ability to be intensely creative, occasionally hilarious, and always engaging online.
  • Deep understanding of the differing social and content norms on social platforms, and the ability to craft content appropriately.
  • A hacker mentality – ability to see tools for what they might do, not what they are built to do.
  • You are of the web.
  • Boldness, coupled with impeccable judgement.
  • Intermediate to advanced skills with Photoshop/Elements
  • Active accounts on all major social platforms a must — significant social follower/subscribership on one or more social platforms a plus.
  • Experience in starting and moderating online discussions, with a special knack for asking questions that spark interaction.
  • At least 1 year of journalism experience.
  • An understanding of web, video and social media analytics and how to respond to them.
  • Experience with content management systems.
  • Thorough knowledge of related news content across the mobile and social web.
  • Excellent editing and writing skills especially for headlining video packages and pages.
  • Experience with Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop is preferred.
  • Willingness to work on a flexible startup schedule that may require weekends, early mornings, late nights and travel.

The position is fulltime, based in our Manhattan office.