Cycling for Sight- Soundslides

by Drake. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.


Greetings to all the return viewers, as well as first timers. The link below will take you to a very special video unlike anything we’ve produced so far. Its a combination of photos and sounds that gets to the heart of why CFS is so very special.

Please come back to withdrake.com in the coming days as there are still videos that will be posted, and a recap story to be written.

Link: This is why we ride.

4 comments on ‘Cycling for Sight- Soundslides’

  1. Bev Kelly says:

    Great job once again Drake! This really does get to the heart of things. We really appreciate all your time and talent to help with this special documentation!

  2. […] Published Cycling for Sight- Soundslides […]

  3. Dave White says:

    Hi Drake – during your website overhaul, the above links to your “SoundSlides” piece (This is why we ride) got broken. Please reconnect it when you get a chance.
    Thanks, Dave White

  4. Drake says:

    The link is updated. it’s now at withdrake.com/whyweride

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