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Pizza Paisan in Berkeley, CA (video)

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I got a quick tour of recently opened Pizza Paisan in Berkeley, including some time to chat with their master pizziola (pizza chef) recently emigrated from Italy.

They do classic Italian style crust and baking (brick oven and all) but fold in some of the fresh, local ingredients that have made the Berkeley food scene so famous.

I didn’t catch it in the video, but they are also mixing some seriously excellent original cocktails.


The election will be tweeted- My surprise byline in The New York Times

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I went about my normal wake-up routine this morning of drowsily perusing twitter while in bed, on my back, with my iPhone myopically close to my face.

I clicked a link from my friend @lheron that promised tos end me to one of those awesome interactives put together by the various teams at The New York Times.

I found a cool little interactive infographic and thought to myself, “Hmm, this looks like an awesome use for the sort of database I was putting together while I was working for the social media editor @NYT_JenPreston this summer.”

Lo and behold, right there, just below the graphic, was my byline. Not too many things will get a young journalist out of bed quite like a surprise byline like that.


Google’s Autonomous Prius in 2009

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Didn’t know what it was back then, but I shot a quick video of one of Google’s autonomous Prius (Prii?) before it drove away from in front of Joya in Downtown Palo Alto.

Looks like the sensor pod on top has a fixed and rotating component, as well as what I’m guessing is a stepper-motor style rotation counter on the left rear wheel. I also see what appears to be a GPS antenna (no surprise there) on the rear dorsal section of the roof.

I’m going to talk to some friends at Stanford’s vehicle lab and ee if I can pull apart what sensors are actually bolted on here.


Twitter for iPhone 101 – In 5 Minutes

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Twitter for iPhone 101

Turn your device sideways if it helps you see the images.

Next, go to my ‘Twitter 101 for Journalists’ Cheat Sheet

Then, take it to the next level. Wan’t to post a picture, share a link, add your location or look up recent #hashtags you’ve used? It’s all easy. Click the ‘Extras’ arrow adjacent to the character count on the ‘compose a tweet’ screen. It will give you oodles of fun options to try.


Video: News From The Gulf- Planned, Shot, Edited and Filed from the iPhone 4

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Planned, shot, edited and filed all from the iPhone 4- my report from the gulf coast early in the week most experts predict the oil from the BP spill will begin to come ashore.

I’m currently on a road trip on my way to become an intern at The New York Times somewhere between the tech reporting and social media desks. Predictably, I picked up a new iPhone 4 on release day, with the hopes that the new camera and editing tools would make it a formidable news gathering device.

We traveled from New Orleans to Mobile Bay to speak with people affected by the coming oil. What they said surprised me.

How they are adjusting surprised me even more.