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The Ultimate Thermos Test: You’ve Never Heard of the Winner

When you buy a new thermos how do you know you are picking a good one? What criteria do you use? Size? Color? Brand reputation? If you are like me – probably some of all three.

But a good thermos (and I’m using lowercase ‘t’ here to mean consumer insulated liquid carrier) at it’s core should do exactly what its industrial cousin the dewar flask does – keep hot things hot, cold things cold, and keep you (the handler) from experiencing much of either when carrying it around.


Here’s What Facebook Graph Search Looks Like

Several folks have written posts about Facebook’s recently launched Graph Search function that is slowly trickling out to users. Some have even done a really intelligent job of it.

I wont try and best Mr. Battelle here–I make it a point never to argue with people who are smart and correct a the same time.

But I thought folks might like a sneak peek at what Graph Search looks like—so here are a few screenshots I took after they activated it for me this evening.


The Sound of A Business Model Deflating

Earlier this week we witnessed and end to one experiment in video programming, with the sale of Al Gore’s CurrentTV to the Al Jazeera Network. Never one to mince words my boss Eric Hippeau had this to say:

Following an interesting wrap-up by Brian Stelter published today, I too felt compelled to put my thoughts down—though I’m not blessed with Eric’s gift for brevity.


We’re Hiring a Social Producer

The stealthy video news startup I’m Social Editor at is seeking a full time social producer. What is a social producer you ask? Well, in addition to the job description below, I can tell you that you’ll work with an incredible team, have opportunity to grow, you’ll have the added bonus of spending nearly all of your waking hours with yours truly. Kidding, though we do spend a lot of time at work here.


Recession Shmrecession — My Startup is Hiring Savvy Video Journalists

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A few months back, I joined an excellent young company aiming to remake video news for the mobile and social web.

We’re seeking on-air talent to define the future of news on the mobile and social web.

Curious, intelligent, witty & engaging video journalists (VJs) must be comfortable hosting live news, packaging distinctive politics, tech, and entertainment content, and conducting awesome, thoughtful, well researched interviews.

Strong social media skills including well developed Facebook and Twitter presence a must. Those with a Klout score below 60 need not apply—KIDDING…but you should get the joke.

Self-starters with unique story ideas who have demonstrated a passion for non-traditional, new forms of journalism preferred.

Full time, benefits, based in NYC.

Email resumes and clips to


My Ultimate iPhone 4 (or 4S) Video Recording Rig

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for information surrounding the iPhone 4-based video rig I use to record my videos for and The Wall Street Journal.

Why iPhone instead of a Flip, etc.?

Well, first, it obeys the “Best Camera” principal, by which the best camera is always the one you have with you. Also, I’ve found that with these few modifications, the iPhone 4 can produce video with far better audio quality than Flip-style cameras, which is often the single biggest failing of the shoot-and-share camcorders.


What’s Next for Journalists? Hear Me Guess @ NextUp NYC

I’ll be on a panel Tuesday, Feb. 8th at 6:30pm (EST) talking about what journalists need to know today and tomorrow to remain useful, relevant and employed.

I’d bet we’ll also talk about media companies and people doing things right, and how to train for whats next.

I’ll be joining Jay Rosen of NYU, Vadim Lavrusik of Mashable, Jenna Wortham of the NYT tech section and Laurie Segall, a reporter at CNN. A pretty decent cast of characters for this subject, actually.

Why should you believe us? I’m not certain you should, but here are the perspectives you will get:


Installing in 10 slides and 8 minutes

The following tutorial was designed for and presented as part of the curriculum for Stanford University’s Comm 217: Digital Journalism class.

It only covers installing (the self-hosted, single user WordPress variant) on a Cpanel-based hosting platform. In this case, we are using

In later tutorials, we will be covering basic web-development tools and WordPress administration, such as theme, widget and plug-in selection. This is just about installing and getting things running. It has been pared down to only the necessary steps.