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Sometimes I get asked to speak on topics like metrics, journalism technology, start-ups and a host of other chewy digital media areas.

I don’t charge anything, but if an event is hard to get to, sometimes I ask for help with transportation or lodging.

I use SpeakerGram for bookings. Just click through.

If you just want to say hi, Twitter is great for that.

A few recent appearances include-

Mashable’s NextUp NYC– Shared stage with NYU’s Jay Rosen, Facebook’s Vadim Lavrusik, and The New York Times’ Jenna
Wortham to discuss skills required for the modern journalist.

Stanford University Program for Digital Media Entrepreneurship– Design Thinking for Journalists, and How To Use it to Build a Business Plan.

UC Davis Writers’ Workshop: Modern Journalism Organizations and Career Paths– Discussed differing types of post-digital journalism organizations.

Univ. of Illinois Start-Up Program– What’s in place in Silicon Valley that makes start-ups work? Resources, Capital, Culture and Critical mass in the SF Bay Area, or, How to do it Right, Wherever You Are.

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